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    Cequence Security

    Cequence Security is a company that provides API security solutions to protect organizations from API-based attacks and vulnerabilities. Their platform helps businesses detect, defend against, and prevent various threats targeting APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

    APIs have become integral to modern software development, enabling communication and data exchange between different systems and applications. However, they also introduce security risks if not properly protected. Attackers may exploit vulnerabilities in APIs to gain unauthorized access, inject malicious code, perform data breaches, or launch denial-of-service attacks.

    Cequence API security solutions aim to address these risks by offering the following features:

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    • API Discovery: Cequence helps organizations identify all the APIs within their environment, including both known and unknown APIs. This is crucial for maintaining an up-to-date inventory and understanding the potential attack surface.
    • Threat Detection: The platform monitors API traffic and analyzes behaviour to identify malicious activities, anomalies, and potential threats. It utilizes machine learning algorithms and behavioral analytics to detect sophisticated attacks.
    • Bot Mitigation: Cequence protects APIs from automated bot attacks, which can overwhelm systems and disrupt services. It distinguishes between legitimate API usage and malicious bot activity, applying countermeasures to prevent unauthorized access.
    • Vulnerability Prevention: The platform helps organizations address common API vulnerabilities, such as injection attacks, broken authentication, excessive data exposure, and insecure direct object references. It provides recommendations and best practices to mitigate these risks.
    • Security Analytics: Cequence offers visibility into API traffic patterns, user behavior, and security events through comprehensive analytics and reporting. This helps organizations understand their security posture, identify potential weaknesses, and make informed decisions to enhance their API security.
    • API Access Control: Cequence provides access control mechanisms, such as authentication, authorization, and rate limiting, to ensure only authorized users and applications can access APIs. It enforces granular permissions and helps prevent unauthorized access attempts.

    It's important to note that while Cequence Security offers API security solutions, there are also other providers in the market with similar offerings. When selecting an API security solution, organizations should consider factors such as their specific security requirements, integration capabilities, scalability, and ease of use. It's recommended to evaluate multiple vendors and choose the solution that best aligns with the organization's needs and budget